22 Tango Records is an independent record label based in Cebu, Philippines that is home to some of Cebu’s most talented musicians and songwriters.  The label was started by former bandmates, singer-songwriter Cattski Espina and guitarist Anne Muntuerto in 2001 as a vehicle to independently release music from their band “Cattski”.   Through the years, its roster of creative songwriters and musicians has grown and includes the Wonggoys, Martina San Diego, Ella Melendez, Womb and Undercover Grasshoppers, amongst others.

Always operated from the artists’ perspective, 22 Tango Records is a place where like-minded indie musicians can continually grow and evolve together, experiment and become co-conspirators of boundary breaking words, music and ideas.  The label aims to help artists produce and promote their music— whether in classic grassroots fashion of mail-order sales and word-of-mouth or thru digital music distribution and web-based marketing, all while being able to express their artistic vision in a nurturing environment. We believe in music with substance, thus our high regard for the craft of songwriting and meticulous music production. We don’t just help artists with the nitty-gritty details of releasing albums. We help them manage their creative output and foster collaborations between fellow musicians in the community.

Artistically, 22 Tango Records hopes to increase the diversity of their artists and musical styles.  Raising awareness and connecting music, the arts, and culture within the local community is part of the label’s evolving goal.  We are hugely passionate about the independent music scene, and we are extremely grateful for the ever-growing community that has taken notice, shares with us that same passion and embraced our labor of love.  Our love for music and our community’s continued support enables us to keep our projects going.  We strive to continue to learn and find better ways in taking our artists to new levels and look forward to more years of music and the arts.