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Singer-songwriter Cattski Espina has seen a decade in her music but there’s no stopping her from making new songs and speaking the language of the soul through world class music.

Cattski was rising above the noise back in the day, when Cebu’s local airwaves were dominated by male grunge bands. The band Cattski (where she was songwriter and frontwoman) gained a steady following right after releasing their self-titled debut album Cattski EP (2001). She later on released other albums Vacuum My Inside (2004), Sound Mind Speaks Volumes (2009), and Cattski Ten – The Anniversary Album (2010). After 10 years, Cattski transitioned as a solo artist and dabbles on digital folk, electronica, acoustic pop and experimental music, as seen on her latest release, 0:00:00 (2012). She is best known for her prolific songwriting and has written and produced for singer-songwriters and bands like the Wonggoys, Martina San Diego, Ella Melendez, MYMP, and Juris Fernandez, among others. Her world continues to get larger with a relentless passion for experimenting, pushing the boundaries and creating opportunities with fellow musicians and indie-minded people all over the world.


Here’s a look at Cattski’s albums, from her full-band albums to her solo debut.

Latest Video

Monsters is a track from Cattski’s latest album, 0:00:00. The music video features “Happy,” a character created by performance artist Russ Ligtas. Happy’s character is vibrant and colorful but Happy is also lost – or its human is lost. Here, he goes on a search for its human. Filmed by Edd Buenaviaje and edited by Ozzie Ouano.