• When We're Not Looking

Ella Melendez

Ella Melendez is certainly not a new comer to the music world. She was co-owner of the legendary Kahayag Café—a favorite watering hole among musicians and artists in Cebu, and has been in different bands throughout the years. Time has lent a modern folksy charm to her songs and this is what Ella is best known for. Fast forward to 30 years later, her maiden album When We’re Not Looking (2013) is well-received by her audience who longed for her lyrical enchantment and waited for her comeback. True enough, Ella’s music is here to stay.

Recorded over a period of two years, Ella’s debut album features her gift of storytelling and a rich musical background, with tracks that range from somber folk ballads to playing and singing the blues. She waxes poetic and speaks about love and fear, as she croons “Dreams starting to wake and now they burn” (Flying, 2013). Ella’s musical influences range from Indigo Girls to Tracy Chapman. But her clever songwriting that drives straight to the heart is Ella’s very own.


Latest Video

Live performance video of the title track to Ella Melendez’ debut album. Filmed during her album launch last November 2013 at Gilt Artisan Lounge Cebu, Philippines. Here she performs with producer and singer-songwriter Cattski Espina.