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Martina San Diego

Though based in New York City, Martina San Diego’s saccharine voice echoes in her hometown of Cebu where her ballads enjoy countless airplays on the local radio stations. The Filipino-American singer-songwriter does not only play the guitar, piano and ukulele well.  She also plucks the heartstrings of her audience as she sings to them of wonderful stories.   Time away from her home of Lorton, Virginia and a year of soul searching in the Philippines led her to the start of a fortuitous musical journey (and some cathartic therapy).   Her debut album Blank Walls (2013) is a bevy of feel-good songs, with heartfelt lyrics and noteworthy vocals. She pens down whimsical lyrics like “I wonder what it’s like to be up in the sky with no worries,” (Stars, 2013) and brings them to life with poignant riffs.

While in the Philippines, Martina also collaborated with Kyle Wong (of the Wonggoys) for the single “Ang Balay Ni Mayang”, which won 3rd place in the Visayan Pop Music Festival 2013. The song, reminiscent of an Ingrid Michaelson piece, highlights Martina’s distinct voice, carrying the track to the top of the local radio charts.

In New York, where she is pursuing a college degree in Music Education at New York University, Martina juggles schoolwork with her love for music by occasionally playing gigs and writing songs for her full-length album.


Latest Video

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be up there? This lyric video for Martina’s track “Stars” tries to capture the visuals she paints through the song. Stars is from the debut album, Blank Walls. Lyric video produced by Pads Animations.