The Labrats

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    Cilee Kuizon (Vocals, Guitar) Jad Bantug (Guitar, Sound Engineering)
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  • Genres
    Electronic · Modern Folk

Like other great duos such as Simon & Garfunkel, The White Stripes, Daft Punk, The Civil Wars, and of course, Paul and John, there is an intangible tether that dwells between Cilee Kuizon and Jad Bantug of The Labrats. Cilee is front woman and chief songwriter of Undercover Grasshoppers, while Jad is an arranger, a sound engineer, and the owner of Cebu’s 1032 Recording Studios. Over the past 2 years, while getting married in the process, they have developed a sound that is rarely heard of these days. Incorporating pop, neo-folk, blues, rock, and electronica into one unique sound all their own, they offer something entirely new and fresh to the table, making music in the local community exciting again. Genuine and ingenious, The Labrats is one of Cupid’s most successful ventures to date.


Latest Video

A lyric video for this poignant debut single from The Labrats. “Until Love Dies” is The Labrats’ debut single from 22 Tango Records’ Folk City Various Artists Compilation. Video produced by Pads Animation.