• Frantic Static

Undercover Grasshoppers

  • Members
    Cilee Kuizon (Vocals, Guitars)
    Warner Sala (Bass)
    Christopher Sayson (Guitars)
    Dan Soco (Guitars)
    Vince Yap (Drums)
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  • Genres
    Experimental Rock · Rock

It’s no secret that Undercover Grasshoppers can get a crowd pumped up with their potent beats. This 5-piece indie rock group weaves a 60’s rock, post-punk, nu wave, and everything-else-in- between blend of sounds and transforms it into a new brand of experimental music. Undercover Grasshoppers traverses the ends of the spectrum, ranging from upbeat eargasms to brooding tunes.  In 2012, they released their much-awaited debut album Crop Circles. Frontwoman and songwriter Cilee Kuizon belts out pungent lines such as “Your heart mourns when I weep for joy. Come and dance with me one time before I abandon your love” (Frantic Static, 2012). With their new breed of music, Undercover Grasshoppers breaks the mold of Cebu’s rock n’ roll acts.


Latest Video

Sidetrack is a track from Undercover Grasshoppers’ album Crop Circles. Vocalist Cilee Kuizon explains that the song speaks about being sidetracked from your routine by someone significant who comes along. Filmed at 1032 studios and produced by Southernlads Production.