A new mix of soul and synth has made our local shores with Auckland-based singer-songwriter and producer Shana Llorando also known as Valere. With a palate of new wave sounds served with pop melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Valere’s search for worth in the right places is a journey definitely worth following.

More of a project as opposed to a person, Shana as Valere (meaning to be worth) depicts her music and concepts according to her current style and perspective, which are greatly influenced by her Cebuano roots, culture, and strong women in the arts such as Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill— whose standpoints are just as relevant as their music.

With her debut E.P. Weary Eyes (2014), recorded and co-produced by Keegan Meiring, Shana takes her listeners on an eclectic ride of electronic exploration with enough pop and 90’s R&B beats to have it on the most played playlist for anyone who’s looking to find not only a trace of Blood Orange, Jessy Lanza, Jhene Aiko, and Emily King here and there, but also a semblance of themselves as Valere sings of struggling to find oneself and persevering through doubt.

Currently finishing her studies at the University of Auckland and serving in music ministry, Shana is also on a musical exploration working on a new project and a more refined sound she can truly call her own.


Latest Video

A beautifully eerie video for Valere’s single “Skin and Bone”. Directed by Miguel Efondo.