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  • Members
    Chai Fonacier (Vocals)
    Fender Figuera (Electronics, Synthesizer)
    Anthony Uy (Guitars, Keyboards)
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  • Genres
    Electronica · Triphop

In a heartbeat, one can single out WOMB’s distinct music from the rest. The trio has created an audio playground where they dipped their hands into electronic down tempo and chill out music. Together, they produce their own brand of sultry triphop. Chai Fonacier’s songwriting casts a spell on listeners and binds them with a mood music that is no less than captivating. Fender Figuera and Anthony Uy, the men behind the guitars, drums and laptop noises, built the layers of intricately arranged electronics and digitally processed guitar arrangement packed with ambient filters and effects. Sensual, trancy and thought-provoking, Womb is a breath of fresh air in Cebu’s indie-rock and acoustic cover-dominated music scene.


Latest Video

Lyric video for “I Miss You”, a track from Womb’s debut album Anesthesiac. An online reviewer describes this track as “a song that gives you the feeling of being buried in longing and desire for the longest time.” Photography and styling by Angelo Kangleon.