The debut single of Undercover Grasshoppers FRANTIC STATIC will hit radio airwaves! First stop, they’ll visit NU107 Home of NU Rock on Friday (February 5) 6pm. Catch them as they talk to Czarina. On Sunday (February 7) 10pm, you can talk to the guys live over at Y101 for local music show ESKINA with Kaloy Uypuanco behind the mic! And finally on Monday (February 8) 9pm, they’ll be over at Killerbee 92.3 with Kelly!

22 Tango believes “Frantic Static” is such a great great song, we’d hate for you not to get a taste of it, so here.. listen!

Frantic Static – UndercoverGrasshoppers (22TangoRecords) by 22TANGORECORDS

If you truly truly like it, why don’t you give the hoppers a boost and hit up the radio stations to request this song.

Watch out for their upcoming album due for release this year!

For more info, or!

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US-based Co-founder of 22 Tango Records and Guitarist of band Cattski, ANNE MUNTUERTO hit the red carpet at the 52nd Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last Feb. 01. She went with Brian Larsen, a musician and producer in Baltimore Maryland. Anne plays with him as session guitarist. Larsen is a member of the Grammy voting body.

They played an acoustic show promoting Larsen’s album “Breaking” the night prior to the Grammys at the Room 5 Lounge in LA. Their next stop was the red carpet for the Pre-telecast and the big show itself!

Their arrival at the Grammys was captured by (Life Magazine) – – here are the links

Anne’s dress is by Cebuano Couturier Cary Santiago.



The upcoming debut album of the band Undercover Grasshoppers (UG) will be promoted, managed and distributed by 22 Tango Records. The album is due for release middle of this year.

The agreement between Undercover Grasshoppers represented by front woman and chief songwriter Cilee Kuizon and 22 Tango Records was signed last January 5, 2010 at the 2nd level of Handuraw Pizza in Gorordo. Both founders of 22 Tango, Anne Muntuerto & Cattski Espina, were present during the signing. UG members Ongkii Sayson (guitars) & Vince Yap (drums) were also present.

The licensing agreement between ICO Music Publishing (Ian Zafra’s Publishing Company), the official publisher of UG songs and 22 Tango Records was also signed that night. So far, there are two songs published under ICO Music namely “Frantic Static” and “Finding Marvin”. Both are two strong singles that will be included in the upcoming album of not less than six songs or thirty five minutes of playing duration.

The core of the agreement is distribution, representation, licensing and management of the Recording and the Songs. The upcoming debut album is one of the three releases 22 Tango Records will have this year and Undercover Grasshoppers is one of the only two Artists that will be under 22 Tango’s care for 2010.

We, the founders of 22 Tango, are excited about this project. We love their music, passion and enthusiasm. It reminds us of how we used to be 9 years ago when we first started out in producing albums for the band Cattski. We are also looking forward to what chief songwriter Cilee Kuizon can come up with her rare exquisite songwriting.

Both our parties agree to perform our obligations in all respects and in good faith.


But we’ve had this name for the longest time, we just didn’t register it.

Not until yesterday. . .

The Department of Trade & Industry granted us our name! 22 Tango Records is now a certified and registered business name. It is valid until 2014. This is the very first step in making this business legal and we are just happy that we were able to get it before the new year! Thanks to the assistance of one of our label consultants Ian Zafra.

There’s still so much to do and we prefer to do it a step at a time.

We want to express our thanks to our support group – those who participated in the production of Kismet The Singles specially Executive Producer Ysai Perez, The Outpost, Handuraw and ARTIST KO Artist & Musicians Marketing Cooperative.

And to all Cattski supporters who’s been with us through the years!!

Looking forward to an album release this March 2010 and the signing of 2 new artists this January!


22 Tango Records is proud to have been a witness in the signing of the publishing contract for the song MATAHUM NGA CEBU. And it is an honor from our end to be announcing what we think is a historical collaboration.

Matahum Nga Cebu is a song written by Ian Zafra (SATI), Insoy Niñal of Missing Filemon and Award-winning songwriter Jude Gitamondoc. It is published under ICO Music Publishing (Ian’s company), the same publishing company that published the composition Kismet.

What we like about this collaboration is that these three artists all come from different sectors in the music scene and each of them specializes in different musical styles and genres – Ian Zafra with his modern rock, Insoy Niñal with his Bis-rock and Jude with his mainstream pop. With their talent, expertise and drive, they were able to write a masterpiece that celebrates Cebu as a dynamic and vibrant place that is full of promise and potential. This song can definitely touch a soft spot in every Cebuano’s heart. This is our home and it is such a privilege to live here.

They wrote Matahum Nga Cebu way back February (of 2009) and production culminated last April. Jad Bantug of 1032 Studios came into the picture as the Arranger/Co-producer. Here’s the audio, take a listen…

Matahum Nga Cebu by glamazoo

Matahum Nga Cebu will officially be launched through a Sinulog event this January 15 spearheaded by Artist Ko Artists & Musicians Marketing Cooperative. The three composers, who are also founding members of Artist Ko found it a perfect opportunity to release Matahum Nga Cebu at a time when the island of Cebu celebrates its existence through Sinulog.

As for 22 Tango Records, we would sure like to include Matahum Nga Cebu in one of our compilation releases in the near future. For now we acknowledge great collaborations and encourage them, as well, because quite simply, that is what we are all about.


22 Tango Records is proud to assist ICO Music Publishing and Undercover Grasshoppers in releasing FRANTIC STATIC, the debut single of upcoming and very promising band Undercover Grasshoppers.

Frantic Static is a song written and composed by front woman Cilee Kuizon, performed and arranged by the rest of the band Vince Yap on Drums, Warner Sala on Bass and Ongkii Sayson on Second Guitar. Recorded at Backyard Recording Studios. Produced by Ian Zafra.

22 Tango Records hopes to release and distribute a full album in the middle 2010. We believe that the quality of music UG can produce with the guidance of Ian Zafra is consistent to our musical sentiments, taste and standards!

22 Tango Records is looking forward to dancing a great tango with Undercover Grasshoppers!

Take a listen!

Frantic Static by 22TANGORECORDS

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