We’ll go and abide by this tagline.

…because whether you like it or not, believe it or not, music is collaborative.

Even if you think you can pull off a ‘do-it-all-on-your-own’ production or a one-man-band live performance – music is still collaborative, at least, between you and your listener.

Music is always collaborative. A songwriter collaborates with an arranger, an artist works with a producer, a band cooperates with a business manager, a guitarist plays closely with a bassist, and a bassist with a drummer, a vocalist sings with a back-up singer, so on and so forth. It is simply the natural order of things.

The core founders of 22 Tango Records are musician collaborators who believe in this undeniable truth and who feel a sense of urgency and responsibility of not only collaborating with artists in terms of creating music but also in the spirit of entrepreneurship. 22 Tango Records aims to be the venue where a creative business venture is to take place between artists. With a platform that imposes on creating a solid support system and loyal following, 22 Tango targets the local non-traditional music listeners, as well as the Filipino and non-Filipino niche in the US and eventually the world.

Our mission – – local.
Our vision – – global.

Why? Why not?!

22 Tango Records is an independent record label which served as the ghost vanity record label of our main artist CATTSKI. Now after our 3rd release, Sound Minds Speak Volumes, we the founders, decided to finally come out from the shadows by releasing our first record with our main artist CATTSKI as a collaborator while we introduce our new artist ZAFRA. The collaboration, Kismet The Singles, has been released November 2009.

Slowly, we are opening our arms to embrace other artists to be under our care in the fields of album production, promotion, distribution, merchandising, and creative business management. 22 Tango Records also works closely with music publishing company ICO Music, the exclusive publisher who will catalogue our artists’ creative material.

22 Tango Records hopes to sign artists who express a “particular” interest in the basic art of songwriting, with the highest regard to the marriage of words and music in its basic form. We have a soft spot for those who can make a perfect tango of lyrics and melody with a strong sense of substance and stimulating messages. With this as a necessary dynamic, the technicalities in arrangement and audio production will then be considered.

We believe those are the necessary ingredients – basic songwriting and modern studio production – to make a really good material at this age of accessible digital music.

Like we always say, it takes two to tango.

We at 22 Tango Records, wish to collaborate with artists who share with us the same musical sentiments and standards. Luckily, we see a lot of those around. And so, we go to work.

Consider this a public announcement.

*from the founders.

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