At 22 Tango Records, we’re all about the music.

We’ve recently wrapped up the first shindig of the year (Tono Tango), following a very busy December with Holiday Folk and Farmer Folk. That’s two full months of weekly live shows! While running these shows has been fun, we’re taking a breather these next couple of months.

But wait! Just because we’re doing a little break doesn’t mean there won’t be music.  For the next couple of months or so, we are releasing a demo every week from the folks we featured in January’s Tono Tango and from our own roster as well.

We’ve featured thirteen acts for Tono Tango, some of them solo, some of them in established bands. “These are the artists that we’ve observed to be of the same caliber to our current artists”, says our Mother Folker Cattski Espina.

These acts include Vincent Eco, Kersly Potter, the sister duo of My Dragon Eats Cat Food, Lourdes Maglinte, Three-Legged Men, Marri Grace, Behind-The-Seams, Rahmann Street and Aian Tiangco.

“Though up and coming, and rough around the edges, they definitely have the gift of songwriting and it seems to come out naturally out of them too.”

For one night in January, we invited them to record their music at 1032 Studios. Nothing fussy, it was a delightful little affair in which these artists were able to share their originals for our Demo Campaign.  We took the liberty of choosing from the two songs they sung, and also got to talk to each artist on how they came about with their music and lyrics.

One might ask though, why bring them to the studio, when there’s Youtube and all sorts of sound editing software in any millenial’s arsenal? Isn’t 22 Tango an advocate of DIY music?

True, we’re all for DIY. We breathe DIY, but we also believe in DIYR—DIYourself, but do it Right. We want to go beyond stylized covers and Youtube videos. In Cattski’s words, ”The studio will inspire them, give them experience and insight. They seem to be hardworking and passionate, and we like that.”

We’ve also got new music from Ella Melendez, Martina San Diego, the Wonggoys, and Chai Fonacier of Womb, a refreshing update on our own roster before they whip up their own full-blown sophomore albums. Newly-signed Mary Anchit also has a track in store.

We’re quite giddy with this new campaign.  Indeed, these artists are forces of their own, with their unique styles and stories, and we can’t wait to showcase their music, most of which will be on the shortlist for the Folk City Various Artists Compliation Album Volume 2.

This is our way to keep their fire burning, our way of telling them that we’re out here listening to them.  

We want you to keep listening with us.


Stay tuned for these demos and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Soundcloud for the latest updates.  


Authored by Nina Alcoseba


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