vincent ecoThree is really probably a magic number as we bring you Vincent Eco for the third week of Demo-Crazy.

This 22-year-old homegrown talent may come off as shy, but when he takes his songs to the stage, there’s nothing more frighteningly brave than his willing submission to vulnerability.

He started writing his own songs at the age of fourteen by studying lyrics and melodies of old school ditties. Later, he discovered he could come up with his own tunes, developing the ability to realize his ideas into structured songs.

Vincent’s newly uncovered talent was propelled furthermore after his father, who’s a musician himself, confessed that writing songs was something he could never do.  Driven by Vincent’s desire to make his father proud, he pursued writing and creating his own music.

This zealous pursuit has now brought us to this week’s Demo-Crazy track, “Make You Stay,” a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking song that paints a very vivid picture of that push-and-pull friction that occurs in the struggle to keep a romantic relationship from falling into eternal damnation.

Eco in the studio

Eco in the studio

Based on personal experience, Vincent shares, “Make You Stay is about trying to keep that love alive, even though your partner is giving up and wants to break up.”  He adds that the song is about “pretending there was still some spark between us even though we knew love wasn’t there anymore.” Although the subject of Vincent’s song can easily be dubbed as a universal cliché, his unique perspective and interpretation gives tainted love a fresh facet.  Then again, as Sir Paul McCartney said, “Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, and what’s wrong with that?” 


Happy place

Happy place


With a darker grip on the subject matter, Vincent Eco delivers heartache in three words: “Make You Stay.”




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