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Where did the idea of the song originate?

The song entitled, Dream, started with just watching those stars while having random thoughts, thoughts about a night filled with guilt and a stupid confused relationship.

What’s your songwriting process like?

I prefer to create the melody first before proceeding with the lyrics. Most of the time, If I wanted to compose something, I automatically go to our comfort room, bring Dadam (the name of our guitar), and create a chord which sometimes I don’t even know the name of it hahah til it will turn into a song.

When it comes to writing lyrics, where do you find inspiration?                                     

When it comes to the lyrics, I always find it from the events of my life or people’s stories.

Who are your biggest influences in music and songwriting?

In music, my number one influencer is my father, he always helps me. He was the one who taught me about music at age 6, kahit hindi umabot yung fingers ko sa fret ng guitar, still he didn’t give up in teaching me, and gladly, my first song was Show me your smile by Apo Hiking. Other than that, my influences in music are The Carpenters, Ella Fitzgerald, SImon & Garfunkel, Dorothy Miranda Clark, Alex Turner, Mindy Gledhill, Ingrid Michaelson, Daniela Andrande, Yunalis binti Mat Za’rai, Damien Rice, Matt Berninger, Lisa Hannigan and The Smiths. On the other hand, I only have few people in the list: Benj Sempio (lovahhh) & Chin Aves (my super close friend) write poems so I was influenced in making one and to Miss Cattski who is still guiding me in writing songs . These people made me want to be a better songwriter so I just wanted to thank them.

Listen to Dream by Hanna Regis:



Dream by Hanna Regis


The stars are waiting for me,

I looked up and closed my eyes.

Felt the pain behind me,

In this silly world I’m in.

I hear the melodies, every night

In my only dream

I can feel my heart beat yet

I don’t know what it means



And the moon still keeps on shining

Leading me the way



Every night, I close my eyes

I always feel the breeze that goes with lies

Every breath I make when I’m awake

It’s the feeling that I’m always okay

Feeling hurt yet always smile

Still seeing you’ve gone from miles

Everything I’ve done for you

Yet darling, you chose to push me through


So I close my eyes and feel this,

Wait until it goes away

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Artwork by Fatima Villanueva


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