BootcampSiteLast August 12, 2017, our informational music education drive continued as the very first Singer-Songwriter’s Bootcamp was held at A SPACE Cebu in Crossroads, Banilad with our very own Cattski Espina as chief mentor.

The 20 participants were a mix of individuals whose slates were clean and artists who have been at it for a while. Regardless, the playing field was evened out as everyone had light bulb moments and discovered new insights. They were eager and open to learn not just from Cattski, but from each other as well, as they went through open discussions, and individual and partner activities.

It started with an introspective activity that posed the question, “Are you a performer who writes, or a songwriter who performs?”

“When I get off from the stage, I’m thankful when I’m being complimented by how my voice sounds, but I’d rather receive compliments about how my song touched them,” Cattski expressed as she identified herself as a songwriter who performs.

From determining one’s artistic identity, songwriting tips, and copyright claim to proper behavior when performing, necessary technical information, and recording studio decorum, the bootcamp covered a wide spectrum of topics. Amidst all of it, Cattski always stressed out the importance of keeping one’s feet on the ground above anything else.

The participants give their full attention to the open discussion.

The participants giving their full attention to the open discussion.

After about 6 hours of activities and discussions, the participants put everything they learned into practice for the culminating session. They had to partner up and write a song in an hour and perform it in front of everyone. The results were pretty amazing.

Cattski ended the program with these words, “We are making a community here; this shouldn’t be the last I see of you. Know that you have us. Call me anytime. If you want to have your songs checked, I’m here. So proud of the first bootcamp batch. Remember everything you learned today. I did not spoon-feed them to you, you discovered them yourselves.”

This is only the first of the many bootcamps that 22 Tango Records will be having. As much as possible, we won’t stop until we reach the point where artists will no longer say, “The next song is an original,” to establish that playing originals is the norm! You don’t hear John Mayer saying that, do you?

On that note, look out for more bootcamps like this in the future. Let’s work towards building a professional and dynamic music community we can call our own.

The bootcamp culminates with a final songwriting activity and giving of certificates.

The bootcamp culminates with a final songwriting activity and giving of certificates.


Authored by Francine Quinal

Photos by Redd Odilao


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    Event Recap: 22T’s Solo/Singer-Songwriter Bootcamp – 22 Tango Records – Very interesting

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