It’s no secret that The Listening Room holds a special place in our hearts. This time, it was made even more exceptional with Casa Gorordo. In celebration of heritage and culture last August 19, Saturday, the special edition of The Listening Room treated the audience to a guided tour of the Casa Gorordo Museum, which then culminated with music at the museum’s azotea.

Every time she comes home, Ella Melendez just can’t leave Cebu without a gig with us. Like the seasoned songwriter that she is, she opened the show with her poignant stories.

Ella Melendez

Ella Melendez

Mary Anchit’s introductions to her songs are always injected with humor. But when she begins to sing her lyrics, instead of laughter, we hear sighs of heartbreak from the audience.

Singer-songwriter Mary Anchor

Singer-songwriter Mary Anchit

Jerika Teodorico’s easy and laid back melodies reveal profoundly honest lyrics in Bisaya. Absent of all pretense, she sang with her heart on her sleeve and bare feet on the ground.

Jerika Teodorico

Jerika Teodorico

The go-to guy for melancholic melodies did something new that evening as he gave his songs life with the keyboard. Vincent Eco on the keys is a sight we don’t see very often and a sound we don’t mind listening to.

Vincent Eco

Vincent Eco

Capping off the show was Mother Folker whose voice and songs played with the intimacy of the atmosphere, taking everyone on an emotional ride.

Cattski Espina a.k.a. "Mother Folker" with Clado on bass

Cattski Espina a.k.a. “Mother Folker” with Clado on bass

Huge thanks to everyone not just for respecting the #shhhhpolicy, but also for genuinely listening; and to Casa Gorordo for giving The Listening Room a chance to grow and evolve for the better. To more celebrations of homegrown music, heritage, and culture!

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Authored by Micah Almazan

Photos by Georgia Andres




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