01The Listening Room (TLR), an event that’s quickly becoming well-loved by our community of homegrown music listeners, returned for its 3rd round last May 26th at Qube Gallery.  Eighty (80) people attended the intimate invite only event after going through our adjusted online invitation process. Though seemingly tedious and finicky, we insisted upon setting these “rules” and audience expectations prior to the show so our audience will know exactly what they were getting into.

The show started with a few words from our founder Cattski Espina. “It is our dream and our mission to make Cebu a destination for music.  In the same way that people come here for our beaches and our beautiful spots, we believe they should also come here for our music. Music becomes a part of that equation. In the same way that we send dried mangoes or furniture to the outside world, we should send our music too, like it’s a souvenir that is so associated with our identity and culture”, she explains.


Cattski, a.k.a. Mother Folker, opens the show.

She then played 2 songs – a new song she recently wrote dubbed “You Can Be Mine” and an old one entitled “Genius”, from the ‘Sound Minds Speak Volumes’ album.  Cattski, a.k.a. Mother Folker set the tone and got the audience ready for the rest of the line-up that night.


The Listening Room was hosted by 22 Tango Street Team member Manna Alcaraz.

The Wonggoys took the stage next, armed with new songs that’ll soon be a part of their sophomore album, due for release later this year.  Their set left the audience in high spirits with their catchy new tunes.

The Wong brothers

The Wong brothers

Ella Melendez, a natural storyteller, shared her colorful storied songs that talked about separation, rude awakenings and life lessons.  She introduced these songs in such funny ways, it was almost as if people were laughing at her occasional misery.

Now Manila-based singer-songwriter Ella Melendez in town for The Listening Room

Now Manila-based singer-songwriter Ella Melendez in town for TLR

Music composer and the visionary behind the current Visayan pop success Jude Gitamondoc was one of the guests that night. 

Music-loving audience:  Music composer and the visionary behind the current Vispop success, Jude Gitamondoc


Vincent Eco: Always keeping it real

Singer-songwriter Vincent Eco wasn’t quite satisfied with the audience’s 100% attention, and felt the need to get closer to them by unplugging his guitar cable for one song.  With no guitar amplification, it was a real stripped-down, unplugged performance, a wonderful spur of the moment experiment, that turned out to be a highlight of his set.

A homecoming for Canada-based vocalist Cilee Kuizon of The Labrats

A homecoming for Canada-based vocalist Cilee Kuizon of The Labrats

Folktronic husband and wife duo, The Labrats, gave up the computers and multi-instrumental effects for The Listening Room.  The audience got a treat by getting a rare stripped down performance, and an inside look into the stories behind their songs.  A particularly moving story was that of the song Cycles. It was about Cilee’s time in a shelter for abused women in Canada, where she met a woman who ended up stabbing her abuser after leaving the shelter.


TLR’s listening audience


A palpable energy: they react and connect with the musicians.

All smiles for Team 22 Tango!

All smiles for Team 22 Tango!

Another great turn out for The Listening Room! Thanks to everyone who came out and embraced this live music experience.

Check out Cattski’s introduction of The Listening Room on 22TangoTV:


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