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Last March 17, A Space became the sacred space for Vincent Eco’s official release party of his debut single, “I Know You Do.”  The #shhhhpolicy was in full swing as Mary Anchit and Honeydrop showed their support by performing a few songs.


Homegrown music crowd


22 Tango Records’ Manna Alcaraz

Our resident host, Manna Alcaraz, welcomed everyone to settle down before the show started.


Mary Anchit


Mary Anchit opened the show, and, in true Ms. Mary fashion, shared her very colorful anecdotes and sources of inspiration in between songs, including an amusing Mulan reference.




Our friends from Honeydrop accentuated the night with their signature chill, saccharine sound that perfectly complemented the quiet yet positive atmosphere.


Vincent Eco


The man of the hour came last, and right before he began playing, he expressed his gratitude to everyone who came out and to 22 Tango Records, which, needless to say, made us quite emotional. He breezed through his 9-song set list and captivated the audience. You could hear a pin drop, while simultaneously feeling the weight of every song. The love was palpable.


Vincent Eco X Homegrown Music lovers

Thanks to Cebruery for providing a bit of booze for the night!

Thanks to Cebruery for providing a bit of booze for the night!

 All of Vincent Eco’s gigs and studio sessions led to that evening, and although it’s far from being the final stop over, which would be his album release in the near future, it was definitely worth celebrating. Our special thanks to A Space for allowing homegrown music to flourish and Cebruery for the booze! And to everyone who showed up, thank you for making it a full house! You guys were awesome!


Take a listen and grab Vincent Eco’s debut single “I Know You Do” here. 

Read and watch a sneak peek of Vincent Eco’s “I Know You Do” music video.  


Authored by Micah Almazan
Photos by Zach Aldave
22 Tango Street Team


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    Event Recap: Vincent Eco’s “I Know You Do” Debut Single Release – 22 Tango Records – Very interesting

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