speakers_summitThe first Cebu Music  Creators Growth Summit aims to bring together songwriters/composers, singer-songwriters, bands, music producers, sound engineers, instrumentalists and music advocates alike for valuable conversations, tips and talks about working and being involved in the music community. Cebu is home to diverse talents in the arts, whether it be visual arts, theater, dance and music, often overlooked on a national level.  In reality, we don’t really have to look far to find a wealth of talent and artists that have been quietly weaving their way throughout the years, creating their paths separately, but together cultivating and paving the way for the city’s music and arts community today.

These speakers are involved in the music community, both in the creative side or the business side, with each one having the shared goal and passion to help #GrowCebuMusic and the Cebuano arts community in general.

 Get to know our lineup of speakers below:

Jude Gitamondoc

Jude Gitamondoc_Vispop

Vispop Visionary & Composer  Jude Gitamondoc

In Multiplying Ideas, Jude will be talking about the creative process that has spurred him to take his ideas from the drawing board into actual music creation – a testament that indeed, the process can be the inspiration.

 Jad Bantug

Jad Bantug

Music Producer & Musician Jad Bantug

Music Production 101 is a workshop-type presentation on the creative and technical process of recording a song or an album. Learn practical tips on how to jumpstart your recording project, basic recording principles, as well as how to track and mix instruments. This workshop provides an overview of the wide range of tools and techniques available to the modern independent musician.

Justin Alfafara

Justin Alfafara

Lighting & Sound engineer Justin Alfafara

In Understanding the Technical Rider, Justin will discuss the purpose of the technical rider and how to create one. He will also be explaining the process of a proper sound check and how monitors work. This prepares the artists to be knowledgeable of the on-stage technicalities that are required of a performer and enables the artist to know what to look out for while onstage during a live performance.

 Cattski Espina

22 Tango Records' Founder & Mother Folker  Cattski Espina

22 Tango Records’ Founder & Mother Folker Cattski Espina

Cebu – A Destination for Music is a discussion on the possibility of co-creating a music industry that is deeply entrenched in and connected with Cebu’s unique local culture. As she would put it, “If we send dried mangoes to the outside world, we should send music too.” She will also talk about how to be effective D-I-Y musicians capable of creating their own opportunities, while ensuring that the end result will be professionally sound, economically sustainable, and creatively inspiring.

 Kaloy Uypuanco

Kaloy Uypuanco

Kaloy Uypuanco

In The Visual Side of a Recording Artist, Kaloy will talk about the importance of Product Development as a recording artist. The consideration of the visual identity of the music is just as important as the music itself. The artist has to know how to present himself visually, artistically, and musically. Artists can make use of the basic principles of branding to successfully and clearly communicate their art and expression.

 Carlo Villarica

  • Entrepreneur, Culture and Arts Advocate
  • Founder of ZeroThreeTwo
Zerothreetwo's Carlo Villarica

Zerothreetwo’s Carlo Villarica

In Merchandising for Music, Carlo encourages musicians to be brave in coming up with their own merchandise. He will highlight the idea of allowing people the opportunity to support artists. He believes that people want to support artists by buying their stuff; and allowing them to do so makes all the difference.

Patch Dulay

Patch Dulay of The Spark Project

Patch Dulay of The Spark Project

In Crowdfunding for Musicians, Patch provides an in-depth explanation on how crowdfunding works for a musician. Crowdfunding leverages a lot on social media and other web technologies, making it accessible and convenient for anyone interested to show support. This could potentially jumpstart a sustainable income for musicians.

Dexter Sy

Bombs Press Founder Dexter Sy

Bombs Press Founder Dexter Sy

In All I Really Need To Know I Learned In The Home Studio, Dexter will be sharing the philosophies gleaned from earlier years of home recording that have scaled nicely to the studio setting and larger scale music production.  He will also touch on how D-I-Y culture contributes value to a musician’s character, work ethic and creativity.

We look forward to seeing you!

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