After the 2014 release of her EP, Weary Eyes, Valere once again beguiles with Blue. Although still maintaining the electronica vibe, Blue deviates from its predecessor with a more heady and intimate sound. In this EP accented by shoegazing overtones, synth and soul is  Valere’s spaghetti and meatballs, her salt and pepper, her Sonny and Cher. One can’t help but be captivated by its wall of sound.

Wayside opens the 5-track EP and immediately puts listeners in reverie. The pensive and almost lethargic melody serves as background for its fearless lyric that celebrates being unique and different. The mood shifts in the second track, Skin and Bone. With the steady beat complementing her resolve, Valere confesses, “Lover, I’m spent. Lover, I’m broke. Lover, I’ve nothing left to know where to go. You deserve better things than skin and bone.” Much (F for Friendship), being the third track, is a nice break from the introspective feel of the first two tracks. Casual and fun, with lyrics like, “Are you fine to fool around?” and “I don’t want to think about the morning. I don’t want to think about the mess in my mind,” Much is about choosing not to overanalyze and simply have fun. Just as things begin to change, Valere takes us back. The following track, Know Me, is reminiscent of the first track, both melodically and lyrically. Seemingly reinforcing the message of Wayside, Valere sings, “I don’t belong in galaxies…I’m alright. I’m okay. You know me by name.” The EP is capped off with the title track, Blue, perfectly embodying the totality of the record. If you think you’ve got Valere all figured out, catch the little surprise in the end.

Dreamy and soulful, Valere stays true to her sensibilities as a singer-songwriter and musician. Blue is a collection of gems that will make you pause and take a break from the white noise of the rest of the world.