Folk City

Folk City

You’ve been sufficiently warned. Weeks prior to the much anticipated release of 22 Tango Records’ Folk City Various Artists Compilation Album, the word out on the streets was that this album does not contain the folk your parents listened to. Truer words have never been spoken, especially when a record boasts of a lineup which includes Martina San Diego, the Wonggoys and Cattski, just to name a few.

Folk City is a diverse yet cohesive hodgepodge of folk (duh!), pop and even electronica music. This is evident in the opening track with experimental duo, The Labrats, setting the tone with their single, “Until Love Dies”. The perpetually enchanting Jessica McYorker follows suit and serves up her distinct brand of piano-powered magic with “Save It For A Sunday”. Not to be eclipsed is one of the driving forces behind this entire Folk City movement, Cattski, whose track, “Sea Hue”, is also featured in the album aside from already getting regular airplay in Cebu’s airwaves.

The somewhat melancholic start of the album shifts into something light and upbeat, courtesy of none other than the Wonggoys. The mood then unexpectedly shifts with “Sleepyhead” by hypnotic trip hop trio, Womb. It picks up again with the guitar riff-laden “Crazy Maddy” by the very promising Snübear.  Up and coming techno pop trio Luxxx injects their own new wave flavor into the mix with “Our Love”.  Stripping everything down with their individual guitar-playing prowess and unstoppable musicality are Ella Melendez (“Recovered”), Gabriel Lynch (“What Friends Are For”), The Brewer Boys (“Cottonwood”), Shimona Kee (“Little Things”) and Martina San Diego (“Someday”). Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mary Anchit punctuates the entire sound trip with “The Race”—a track which pretty much encapsulates what the album is all about: a multitude of stories, sounds and styles in one melting pot.

Homegrown talent is undeniable. There’s certainly a lot of music to go around in the Folk City Various Artists Compilation Album. The roster of artists and the amount of passion involved in this project is truly reflective of 22 Tango Records’ vision and mission in celebrating music and cultivating it locally. Forget mainstream and skip the top 40 radio hit countdowns for a while. This is one album worth getting lost in.

Authored by Pamela Apuhin