Weary Eyes

Weary Eyes


There is a common thread that connects us all. For Valere, it is finding worth in the right places that bind her songs together to create the sound that is uniquely hers. Weary Eyes (2014) speaks a lot of fears, doubts and bouncing back from those obstacles. Valere’s experience with identity struggle, self-doubt and apathy is something we can identify with in this ethereal and electronic journey.

The EP opens with Maria, fame and fortune personified. Ive been wasting all my days on a paper chase, Maria gives off that upbeat vibe with just the right amount of rush that goes well with the lyrics.  Valere’s cool and angsty feel is amplified in her next track, Dodging Bullets, a song about picking yourself up and taking back every right thing you gave to the wrong person. The mood slowly takes a turn for a deeper tune with IKTIL (I Know This Isnt Love) with traces of electronica in the background and the confusion of knowing what love isn’t with not knowing what is. The EP then shifts completely to a mellow and tranquil track with nothing but piano accompaniment and a bruised heart struggling to heal in How Can I Love You?  Valere finally brings back the high energy and strength with a bang in her last track Weary Eyes, and wraps up her EP with the willpower to fight back and carry on even in the face of fear and ennui.

Valere’s stories show snapshots of her journey overflowing with emotion, it’s impossible for us not to capture it as well. Her EP, Weary Eyes (2014), containing songs of knowing one’s worth is definitely worth listening to.