…to bigger and better things! Sorry, we scared you a little bit there.


You might have seen us posting about the date 2/22 and our one big reveal. Well, we’re finally breaking our silence and letting you in on our secret. We’re bidding farewell to 22 Tango Records and saying hello to 22 Tango Music Group, an expansion that we’ve been developing for years. We collaborated with the awesome folks at White Brick to help us shape our new brand.


From being a record label to becoming a multi-faceted music company, we’re entering a new frontier with both excitement and crippling fear. Who’s crazy enough to launch something new amidst a pandemic? Us, apparently. However, it’s long overdue as we were supposed to launch it with a big event last March 2020 to celebrate our 10th anniversary, but had to cancel it for obvious reasons. Waiting to do it until the pandemic is over seemed futile, so we put our foot down and decided to just do it. It’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time like a rollercoaster that makes you question your life decisions. Nevertheless, here we are. Doing it. With the same burning passion as when we started it all. Like our co-founder and CEO Cattski Espina says, “Music has a way of working out. I just have to believe.”


Included under the umbrella of 22 Tango Music Group are music distribution and publishing, artist management, events, recording arts and production, and music education. Cattski explains, “We’ve always been focused on growth. Growth for the music industry and growth for our company. Through the last 10 years, we have been growing slowly just as the local music industry has been growing as well. So, when the company was about to celebrate its 10 years in the business in 2020, we thought it was a good time to make the expansion official by changing the brand name and to officially register as a corporation.” This move towards growth is our way of participating and contributing to the city’s local economy not just as a community, but as a legitimate industry as well.


Our goal as a music company is commercial accomplishment for others. We want to give musicians and those who work in the music community an opportunity to have a decent earning, so they can continue doing what they love without having to worry about putting food on the table.


We believe the timing is also an opportunity for us to stay true to what our re-branding is all about: movement. Our official tagline, “Music That Moves” comes from the idea that music can move people emotionally and bring people together as in a movement. As we know, music plays a significant role in the history of world events with the folk songs of the ‘60s and charity singles such as “We Are The World” and “One.” We also hope to contribute in our little way to the present crisis we’re all facing through this launch, which also includes our very own theme song.


Titled “Move Love,” it’s written by Cattski Espina and performed by her and our roster of artists. On the same day, expect full-band performances from Wonggoys, Vincent Eco, Bethany, and Lourdes, as well as more intimate performances by our new artists, Jericho Streegan and Julia Quijano. We will also be presenting our new record labels, Grit Music and Queen City Records. As an added treat, special guests will be joining us too. Streaming starts at 7:30 PM on Monday, February 22, 2021, on our Facebook page and 22TangoTV on YouTube.


We hope you can all tune in and move with us!