There’s a new kid on the block and his name is Jericho Streegan, an 18-year-old believer in the homegrown music community. 


The young Jericho began his affair with music when he would borrow one of his cousin’s guitars. He shares, “At the same time, we were having guitar lessons in our music class in school and we were tasked to bring songbooks with chords and stuff. I wanted to jam with my friends with the songbook so I started to learn playing guitar at my own pace.”


As a grade-schooler, he was always creating melodies, but he started taking songwriting seriously when he was around 14. While Jericho personally resonates with the R&B and soulful sounds of his top five musical influences Bruno Major, Jeremy Passion, Stevie Wonder, Mac Ayres, and Boyz II Men, CEO and music producer Cattski Espina shares that there is still so much to discover. She adds, “We are still in the exploration stage. In terms of songwriting, he definitely has it. I lean towards the gifted rather than the skillful. Skill, for me, is a bonus. Jericho has both. And he’s 18. There’s still so much room to grow. And I’m really interested in watching him grow into the artist that he should be.”



The starting point of Jericho’s journey with us was DemoCrazy, when his song was picked as one of the featured demos. He was also introduced to Cattski by Anna Fegi of Brown Academy Music (BAM), which Jericho is a student of. The DemoCrazy session was then followed by other shows, where he played alongside other 22 Tango artists, which in his words, felt surreal. 


As a budding songwriter who refers to local artists as his “local heroes” – he has a Spotify playlist of homegrown artists with the same – Jericho has found a home in 22 Tango Records. He shares, “I’m just really grateful that Miss Cattski and the team saw something in me and let me in. It’s really great to be part of my dream record label. And more than that, it’s even greater to be part of a family that’s all for homegrown music.”


As a valuable addition to the roster, Jericho will now be part of our activities and will be recording demos to kick off his adventure. Something is definitely brewing and the sweet aroma is already filling the air.


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