As undecided as people felt about the famous Hallmark holiday, the Back To Base Line Valentine series brought together a roster of homegrown artists the audience just couldn’t say no to. 

February 14 – Staying true to the celebration, the Valentine’s day performances of Sansette, Jericho Streegan, Melody Hodgson, and LOURDES were a good mix of feel-good and heartrending music. 



Jericho Streegan


Melody Hodgson




February 15 – From couples to groups of friends, and individuals who joined in to treat themselves to a good gig night, Day 2 of the Back To Base Line Valentine series served nothing less of a heartfelt show with performances from Nini, Vincent Eco, Jerika Teodorico, and Wonggoys.




Vincent Eco


Jerika Teodorico




The celebration for that weekend brought a special kind of warmth. And in the many different ways people celebrated their Valentine’s, the one thing everyone shared that night and what brought everybody together was their great love for homegrown music. 

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