“Love is love is love, yo!” Cattski Espina, in her Facebook post, featuring her new Spotify playlist now up for stream and download. 


In honor of Pride Month, Cattski Espina has joined the Spotify Pride Hub with her own playlist, after being invited by Spotify Asia to represent the Cebuano LGBTQ community in its ongoing plight towards equality. 


Cattski’s hopes to send out a message of encouragement for the LGBTQ community, saying “These songs mean something to me – these were some of my anthems in my journey toward self-discovery…I wanted my playlist to be for reflection and inspiration.” 


A Little History


The Spotify Pride Hub was first launched in June 2017 as a safe haven dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ artists and advocates. It included playlists, commentary from voices within the community, as well as little easter eggs that made the experience a whole lot more exciting. 


For example, whenever users turned the volume all the way up, a special pride message would appear, reminding us to live our lives at full volume!


Nick Holmsten, Spotify’s Global Head of Shows and Editorial has further supported the project, saying that “…creating a destination for our music fans is at the heart of what makes Spotify a unique music experience…we wanted to amplify the celebration of Pride by adding a robust storytelling element to our hub throughout our playlists.” 


Spread the love on this month of Pride! Listen to Cattski’s Pride Playlist here: (embed playlist) 


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