Along with Cebu City’s stay-at-home protocols that started in the 3rd week of March was our shows getting cancelled and our team and musicians all stuck in their respective homes. Needless to say, we were all a little disheartened that we had to put everything on hold. While navigating our new situation and the anxiety that has come with it, we pulled our heads together to use the power of music in the midst of a pandemic and a looming economic crisis.

By the end of March, the government put the entire city on Enhanced Community Quarantine and the COVID cases started to rise, putting the medical community in a vulnerable position. By the first week of April, we launched COMFY COUCH: Homegrown Music at Home Series with the intention of raising funds for organizations who have set up systems to assist the city’s frontline personnel. These organizations are TORCH (Total Outreach for Community Health) and CCAT (Cebu Crisis Assistance Team).

Comfy Couch featured six (6) artists, namely, Wonggoys, Mother Folker, Vincent Eco, Mary Anchit, J Russ and LOURDES. The Facebook Live performances went on within a two-week period on the artists’ respective accounts. Beyond being a source of entertainment, it was our way of putting music to good use by helping a community in crisis.

Just recently, we have gotten the good news from one of our beneficiaries, TORCH, that they have collected a total of Php 68,000 in donations through the Comfy Couch series. The amount was given to Bayanihan Mission, a group of civilians who aim to develop a nationwide network of volunteers who prepare quarantine food packs for the less fortunate. 

We are just over the moon that we were able to raise that amount. It was totally unexpected! We are grateful to all who supported Comfy Couch, to those who watched and shared the performances and, most especially, to those who donated and believed in our cause.