22 Tango Records’ coffee shop series – – Cuppa Folk – – will be back in circulation with your favorite homegrown artists in its newfound home, Kapel, a cozy little cafe – the perfect setting for an intimate musical session with friends and loved ones. 


This time around, we will be having Earl Ornopia, Alex Alix, Alice Who, and Mary Anchit performing on the Cuppa Folk stage, presenting us with their stories and melodies. 



Cuppa Folk was fashioned to give musicians, as well as coffee-loving music listeners the perfect environment to share experiences and stories. With the audience at close range, artists are given the chance to establish a more intimate interaction with the crowd. 




As accustomed, 22 Tango Records’ #shhhhpolicy will be implemented to create the much-needed sacred space for the artists to let their hearts out and for listeners to fully immerse themselves in the show.


The #shhhhpolicy is a music policy applied at our events to remind the audience to keep conversation at a minimum so as to create an environment for conscious listening, putting the focus on the artists and their performances.


Don’t miss the most awaited return of the coffee series on July 27, 8pm, at Kapel, 2F Treehouse, R. Aboitiz Street, Cebu City.


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