What started out as an open mic night gathering only a number of familiar faces a few years back, this year’s Demo-Crazy Live has attracted new faces to the scene and more singer-songwriters showing up for their music. 

We want to thank all the brave souls who came out that night, got up on stage and opened themselves to the community and shared their songs. 

Demo-Crazy is where Vincent Eco’s “Make You Stay,” Lourdes Maglinte’s “Empty Sheets,” and JRuss x DT’s “Drunk Feeling,” were first heard before getting produced. It has become this forcing house that has led to the discovery of many talented local artists and their passion for their craft. It aims to nurture and encourage the creation of homegrown music.

Demo-Crazy Live is your classic open mic night with a twist, pushing all-original material from promising singer-songwriters in the city. It is the byproduct of our online demo-of-the-week campaign that furthers the championship and building of a strong music community in Cebu.

Here’s an inside look at the show from one of the night’s participants, Tiffany Neri.

“All you have to do is sign up,” was the line that coaxed the bashful to express themselves in a night that got event-goers drunk on new music and unique stories.

Back at it again since its last leg in June 2018 was 22 Tango Records’ “Demo-Crazy Live”, one of the most sought-after open mic events for local singer-songwriters. On August 22, 2019 seventeen (or so) singer-songwriters signed up to perform two original songs each. All in all, that was a whopping thirty-four songs—all of them original. If this isn’t proof that the Cebuano music scene is alive and kicking, we don’t know what is!

The gig series is 22 Tango Records’ push towards encouraging the creation and appreciation of original homegrown music—something that Cebu is definitely not short of.

As an avenue for expression, the event is an opportunity for all aspiring singer-songwriters to demonstrate their creativity and share their unique sound. In addition, “Demo-Crazy Live” gives them the opportunity to have their performance recorded as a demo—a characteristic that ties in wonderfully with their original online demo-of-the-week campaign, Demo-Crazy. 

Watch out for the Demo of the Week Series with Demo-Crazy Volume 7, featuring the best songs from this night’s pool of demos coming out soon. Meanwhile, check out previous Demo-Crazy campaigns on soundcloud.com/22tangorecords