Our eighth demo feature is BOB by Agnes Balintag.


What inspired you to write this song?


What inspired me to write “bob” was because of this girl who I was infatuated with and might as well say that I was in love with her back when I was in senior high school. It was all about her. 


Describe the process/experience of creating this song from start to finish.


I was sad and down knowing that I was out of her league and that I will never be with her that’s why because of that “bob” came to be. I was saddened because I thought I had a chance, I had high hopes and I got my hopes up for nothing and in the first place, I already knew that the chances are close to none but to be honest I thought that there will be a possibility that I could be with her and yes, I thought wrong. In the song “bob”, it is where I expressed my pent-up thoughts and feelings through the lyrics and also through the rhythm. I used Garage Band in making the song, I started recording the instrumentals and did a test track without writing any lyrics, only the instruments that I’ll be using. For the lyrics, I uttered words here and there for about 2-3 minutes, I wrote it down and sung it along with the beat and then after 7-10 minutes, I finished “bob”.


Do you do something or listen to someone to kick start your creativity?


I do, I listen to other artists and sometimes I get ideas from them and I also try to read poetry and come up with ideas from there myself. 


Does songwriting come naturally to you? 


As of now, yes, it actually has become a habit of mine, especially in times when I feel sad, happy and or when I’m inspired to make one, words just suddenly come to mind and then the tune and beat would follow and after that I try to record myself while humming to the tune and beat that I came up with so that I won’t forget about it and then I start to make the song in the night since that’s usually the time where my “creativity” comes out.


Who are your biggest influences musically?


It would be Melanie Martinez and Joji since they are both deep in a way their lyrics speak a thousand words and ideas. The way they sing, the way they play with words and the way they express themselves through their music is different from any artist that I know of. It’s new, it’s out of the ordinary and it’s odd, the way I like my music.


Listen to BOB by Agnes Balintag:

BOB Lyrics:



Bob, words drippin’ off your mouth like honey, honey

But, why would you think that this is funny, call me


Verse 1:

Reaching out for you even when you’re nowhere to be seen

Don’t you dare pull out my earphones unless you’re coming with me

I’m a little messed up

How can I keep on track

Can I keep going?

When i’m the only one who had some fun

Oh no, you’re gone



Bob words drippin’ off your mouth like honey, honey

But, why would you think that this is funny, call me


Verse 2:

Now there’s no one who’s gonna fill the gaps

You’re not worth it anymore my walls are up

You were my favorite one thing,

And now I’m left with nothing but

You sure are something



Bob words drippin’ off your mouth like honey, honey

But, why would you think that this is funny, call me



All the good things come to an end

Even the gifts that God sends

Fuck it if it’s just pretend

You held me and put me together

Now I’m as sad as the weather

I wish you’re my lover

It felt like a dream, I will remember them

All as if it was real

(Back to chorus)


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Artwork by Dave Pantilo.


Music curation by Abegail Kionisala & Redd Odilao.