Our second featured demo is Sea of Regrets by Brayant Buñao.


What inspired you to write this song?

We all have that specific time in our lives when all emotions break loose for no apparent reason, and you blame it on something that you know wasn’t really the cause. But you pause for awhile and think about how those moments still hurt. Well, not because you still love someone but you regret why you did it in the first place. That “specific” time happened to me, the song was supposed to be different, somehow I steered the whole story towards it. 


Describe the process/experience of creating this song from start to finish.

It was a creative and well thought out mess. 


Do you do something or listen to someone to kick start your creativity?

Yes, by strumming basic chord progressions and I try to be experimental, like by changing guitar tuning and all. Melodies comes after and  murmuring phrases and sentences eventually ending up on a verse.


Does songwriting come naturally to you?

I guess, I love singing and poetry I never thought that I would be making songs. 


Who are your biggest influences musically? 

My biggest influences are, Novo Amor, Phum Viphurit, HollowCoves, Cavetown, Jamie Fox, Of Monsters and Men.


Listen to Sea of Regrets by Brayant Buñao:


Sea Of Regrets Lyrics


Hold me back to the start again

Where you hold my hand, as a friend

You pushed me away to the wind


I’ll l take back all what I’ve said

The words that came from my chest

My heart is not beating the same

Ocean waves crashing again


Let me take the pain

Decisions created mistakes

Held me once again

Drown me in, so I wont forget

in the sea of regret


Fake, intentions are not real

Feelings were really unclear

Faded faster than the sun


The wind is calling to you again

An echo of a dying friend

The waves were quite for a second

You disappeared, in the end


Let me take the blame

All those mistakes that i made

Held me once again er

Drown me in, so I wont forget

in the sea of regret


I was calling to you, left me with nothing

But  truth that you would never be

Mine, what’s with my heart beating for someone like you 

drown me in the sea of regret, so that I won’t forget


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Artwork by Brayant Buñao

Music curation by Abegail Kionisala & Redd Odilao