The 18th of April was a warm day with a cool breeze. The sun started to set, the pillows and mats were laid out, and the lights illuminated the stage. One hour before show time, no one showed up. 30 minutes, still empty. Some of us were getting worried, but most of us who have been at this for a while knew it was going to fill up just like that. We were right.


Jerika Teodorico

A true storyteller, Jerika Teodorico performed her songs that have so much wit, they can stand alone as poems with clever punchlines. But that wouldn’t be as much fun without the melodies.



Songs of Summer virgins Duende was a pleasant and refreshing surprise. The strong intent behind their music was palpable, which piqued the crowd’s curiosity and lifted their energy.


J Russ x DT

From meeting someone while getting drunk to questioning their worth, J Russ and DT discussed a wide range of experiences one goes through in their youth.



The newly formed Intertwined was the big bang that capped off the evening. With seasoned musicians and the soulful Mandy on the mic, Henrick led the band as they delivered a solid performance that just wowed everyone. Fun is an understatement.

The show was concluded on such a high note, that we can’t wait for next Wednesday, April 25!

Catch Songs of Summer every Wednesday until May 23 at the 4th Level Garden Area, Ayala Center Cebu. Music starts at 8PM.

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Photos by Vanessa Leuterio