The air was hot and humid last April 25, almost producing a buzzing sound that usually precedes precipitation. There was also a particular, tangible feeling in the atmosphere surrounding the Songs of Summer stage. Although there were more than the normal number of people who flocked to the cinemas near the venue for the new Marvel movie, much of the excitement came from the ones sitting, standing, and waiting patiently about for the show to begin.



As Songs of Summer virgins, Snap welcomed familiars, first-timers, and passersby with a bit of funk, pop, and good vibes.


Three-Legged Men

Three-Legged Men maintained the atmosphere with their signature “groove-to” songs, keeping the momentum at a steady, easy-to-ride pace, and enticing the crowd to dance.


Vincent Eco

Almost on the edge of their seats, the audience once again lent their hearts and ears to Vincent Eco, whose lyrics cut deep for the ones whose hearts are just a little bit more vulnerable than others.


Mandaue Nights

Closing the show was synth-pop duo Mandaue Nights, pacing the night to a satisfactory end with their 80s-influenced sound and dance moves only they can pull off.

It was a fun evening with a great turnout, and we can’t wait for the next shows to come!

Catch Songs of Summer every Wednesday until May 23 at the 4th Level Garden Area, Ayala Center Cebu. Music starts at 8PM.

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Photos by Ezekiel Sullano