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After six long years, the Wonggoys have finally launched their highly-anticipated sophomore album. There is a noticeable shift from the jazzy quality of their first album to more of a mix of rock, pop, and electronica which suits their new songs of love, infatuation, passion, and conviction quite well. However, in spite of these changes, they were still able to imbibe into each song this unique sound that is characteristically their own.

The album kicks off with their first single, “Weekend”, a laid-back tune that makes it the type of song one would listen to on a long drive, followed seamlessly by the slightly faster-paced “On My Way“, whose melody and lyrics are an expression of great excitement and anticipation. The boys pull on the reins just the right amount for their third track, “Gay Is Ok!”. The minimalist arrangement allows their timely message of tolerance and acceptance to really come through. A song that’s thought-provoking, to say the least.

One can only assume that the camaraderie between brothers Gabe, William, and Kyle is stronger than ever as their voices blend effortlessly the entire time; whether in more sentimental songs like “Never Let You Go”, “Missy”, “Patches”, and the smile-inducing “Never Too Late”, or in the surprise dance track, “Blurt”. The album finishes loud and strong with the electric guitar-laden “Voices”.

Wonggoys’ “High Hello” is sure to leave listeners excited about Cebu’s local music scene.

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High Hello

January 2017




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