22 Tango Records held its 9th anniversary event last March 30, at Draft Punk, Mango Square. With an astounding turn out, we are happy to see that our work has reached so many lives and have made lasting impressions on people’s minds.

And for celebrating this huge milestone with us, we would like to send out our biggest thanks to everyone who dropped by and supported the event. It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Here’s to 9 years of growing and creating with you and to more years up ahead!

Event Highlights  

Roll Out came rolling in on a stage truck after a month long wait, last Saturday,

With performances coming from Vincent Eco, Lourdes Maglinte, The Labrats, Mother Folker, Wonggoys, and Bethany, the night was greeted with warmth and anticipation as everyone waited for the music to begin.

From registration to seats, there was endless chatter from the audience, some catching up and some talking about their favorite artists performing that night. There were food and there were drinks; it was a good night to be out!

The event opened with Vincent Eco singing the title track from his first album “Kiss and Disappear” but what set the stage aflame was his performance of “Fire,” which got the crowd clapping and banging their heads to the beat.

The Labrats surprised the crowd with a medley of songs from each performing artist that evening and ending it with a song from Undercover Grasshopper – the first artist ever to be signed by 22 Tango Records.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Sweaty, hyped, and energized, the crowd formed a mosh pit – jumping and dancing along to the beat of “Dance Away.”

Lourdes Maglinte sang her first ever single “Empty Sheets” with Kyle Wong of the Wonggoys, stirring up memories in the hearts of the ones that were watching.

Another highlight was the collaboration of Vincent Eco and Lourdes Maglinte in “Start a Fire,” one of the songs included in Lourdes’ upcoming album.

CEO Cattski Espina delivered a speech in which she thanked the audience for continuously supporting the development and growth of the industry.

“You are the home of our music. Our music has you as its home.” – Cattski Espina

Later in the evening, a special performance with former Cattski guitarist and CFO Anne Muntuerto also brought the crowd to their feet.

The Wonggoys bring in the good vibes as they perform their hit single “W’ay ‘Blema.”

The night took a poetic end with a set from Bethany, the newest signed artist by 22 Tango Records.

Special thanks to co-presenters Filipino Homes together with Melchior Fine Wines and in cooperation with Omega Advance Spray, Efficacent Relaxing Oil, and Casino Sanitizer Spray for helping make this event possible.

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