Always a champion for incredible local sound- 22Tango Records has pushed the envelope a little further by creating: Homegrown Covers. A series that re-interprets local sound by having local artists cover other local artists’ songs. The result is music performed with the original artist in mind- but done in a way that is completely new. A perfectly harmonious collaboration.

“Although it’s quite a challenge- covering each other’s songs are made more meaningful because we’re all fans of each other,” says the Wonggoys- when asked about how they felt about covering Lourdes Maglinte’s hit song, 2 Cents. This mutual respect was evident as artists watched and supported each other during the series shoot.

The love and admiration could be felt through the silence as they heard their own songs reinterpreted. 22Tango records CEO, Cattski Espina believes that through this cross- collaboration, the artists themselves would be encouraged to step into new sound and hopefully apply the same thoughts when they create new music.

“It’s the same music, reimagined.” says FatBoys Production CEO Kurt Fick. A performer himself, Kurt was very involved in the production, down to the order of the artists being shot that night. It might have been a long night for everyone- but the energy never wavered.

The Homegrown Covers Series will be launched on August 31st 2019 at ASPACE Cebu’s _SUGID. Five artists will be performing 2 of their own songs, as well as 2 covers. The covers were shot by FatBoys Production and will be released via their Youtube Channel. The first video of the series will be available online from September 6th, 2019.