You’ve seen us post about Patreon lately, but we’d like to share with you all what it is exactly and why it’s awesome.


In a nutshell, it gives creators more time to create by carrying the burden of selling their art. Patreon is about patronage. It’s a membership platform where subscribers or patrons, “can pay their favorite artists for the things they make best,” as described by singer-songwriter Julia Nunes. It provides business tools for creators to run campaigns and provide rewards and perks to patrons, who pay for their subscription on a monthly basis. In our case, the funds we receive will be used for the production of content including songs, music videos, lyric videos, live performances online, and art, among others. Some of the content produced will exclusively be for Patreon subscribers, and therefore can’t be found anywhere else. Some will be for the general public but will be available for Patreon members to call first dibs.


The pandemic has robbed musicians and artists of their means of livelihood by making live performances impossible. Patreon gives our artists the financial support that shows and gives would normally provide. According to singer-songwriter and performance artists Amanda Palmer, before Patreon, she could never make art without thinking about how she was going to sell it. But now, she has direct support from thousands of people all over the globe. She says, “I spend way more time making art instead of selling it, whenever, however, and with whomever I want.”


We jumped on the Patreon bandwagon, because we know that we have loyal supporters who believe in our work and would like to help on a long-term basis. Patreon is in line with the Amuma campaign, but it will most likely stay and develop even after the Amuma campaign is culminated. We hope that this turns into a sustainable resource for the propagation of more local music and for content that supports the music and the artists.


Through Patreon, artists can earn directly from their supporters, making for a deeper relationship and connection between listener and creator. Patreon’s beauty is that it is not dependent on the state of the music industry, on the artist’s social media statistics, and any other external factors. It is reliant on how an artist connects with a fan and how that fan reciprocates by supporting the whatever the artist wants to create.


If you’re one of those who have been touched by any of our artists’ songs and would like to show your support in these odd times, feel free to visit our Patreon page. We have four membership tiers to choose from, with each having a different set of perks.


Let’s keep this virtuous cycle going!