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Inspired by his personal experience, “I Know You Do” is about knowing that a relationship is about to end and doing whatever it takes to still make it work.

“It’s about this guy who’s trying hard to love a girl who doesn’t love him anymore,” says Eco about the single. Well, don’t we all know a thing or two about that?

22 Tango Records’ Cattski Espina, also a songwriter herself, produced the track. “We stayed loyal to the song and Vincent Eco’s unique sound. We wanted to go for a Folk Americana direction in terms of sound, not just for the song but the entire album. So we played around with some embellishments, some strings and effects, nothing crazy,” Cattski said on her treatment of “I Know You Do.” She also worked with bassist Clarence Mongado, and sound engineers Jad Bantug and Anjelo Calinawan on this one.

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I Know You Do

March 2017


Vincent Eco


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