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After 3 years in the making, the long wait is finally over. Vincent Eco’s eagerly anticipated debut album “Kiss & Disappear” is full of stories of love and heartache all in one album.

“Kiss & Disappear” is written and composed by Vincent Eco, produced by Cattski Espina, and recorded, mixed and mastered in Room Eleven Recording Studio. It’s an 11-track album that features the joys and pains of falling in love and being heartbroken.

“As a producer, my intention was to keep Vincent Eco’s authenticity as an artist.The ideas for his sound were mainly inspired by his influences. We applied and executed these ideas and came up with a sound that is uniquely Vincent Eco’s,” Cattski said when asked about the creative process in creating this album.

As an artist, Eco brands himself in creating music that would allow the listeners to connect. His songs are drawn from his experiences, stories and emotions from within. He hopes his music inspires people and becomes a part of their everyday lives.

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Kiss and Disappear

June 2018


Vincent Eco


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