October 10th, 2019
A press conference was held to introduce Monsters the Musical to the media. Held at The C.O.R.E by MDF Productions, the afternoon began with a performance by the Monsters the Musical Original Cast and ended with a special performance by Cattski. The show’s frontrunners; Director Jude Gitamondoc, Producer Margo Frasco and Cattski Espina were also present and conversed with the media.

When asked about how Cattski felt about her songs being turned into a musical she replied with, “It’s an honor for someone to do that. After the first reading though, I realized that the songs spoke a lot about what I went through as a Gay person and that’s me being put in a vulnerable place. But then again, no one should ever have to hide who they are. #BeBrave”.

The musical is marked as an expression of bravery, highlighting that this is Jude’s directorial debut and also Margo’s first production since starting MDF Productions.

Monsters the Musical is a coming- of- age love story. Centered around two friends, Bea and Elle, the show explores the intricacies of a relationship that spans years, beginning in childhood, adolescence, and peaking in their family and professional lives. Bea and Elle discover themselves through each other, encounter and battle their monsters together.

Featuring songs written and produced by Cattski Espina,  the narrative nature of her lyrics lend themselves perfectly to this story. A story about standing up to the Monsters of our own creation.

 “I’ve always been a Cattski fan,” Jude said, while talking about his musical choice, “…the qualities that I love in her songs, the wit and humor, sincerity and straightforwardness, are the qualities that make them a perfect fit for a musical.”

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