Music Distribution

We deliver your music to your listener.

Mechanical Distribution is the selling of physical copies of your music in the form of the Compact Disc. Digital Distribution is the dispersal of digital copies of your music through download and streaming.

Music Publishing

We open doors for opportunity.

Our music publishing service promotes your music across a variety of platforms; manages the business exploitation of your catalogue including the registration of works and the collection and onward payment of all due royalties; and generally seeks to protect your work and enhance the value of your music with passion and professional commitment.

Artist Development

We help you become a cut above the rest.

Essentially, our team will create a step-by-step plan that will cultivate an artist’s musical talent and business sense, which will pave the way for greater opportunities. Included in this process is practice, continuing education, creating and recording music, performances, and developing your brand and identity as an artist.

Artist Management

The business side of music can be overwhelming; let us take care of it for you.

You may get a glimpse of how it’s done, but focusing on your creative work is top priority. Business tasks include anything involving schedules, contracts, bookings, and payments. We will represent and attend business and production meetings on your behalf.

Artist Promotion

We will build your audience.

Through strategic PR and marketing, we’ll get you and your music to a legitimate audience who can be active consumers of your music. We’ll create your advertising campaign that is focused on getting you the right exposure. The goal is to make sure that you acquire a substantial number of digital music streams and more demand for live performances.


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