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From heartbreak to unrequited feelings, first kisses and final goodbyes, there’s something about love to sing about. Cattski has her fair share of love songs, but she tackles budding infatuation head on in “Smitten.”

Written in 2012, Smitten was a fresh break from Cattski’s heart-heavy “0:00:00 (Zero).” “I had a crush on someone and I just had to write about it,” she says with a shrug. It’s an all-too familiar feeling, infatuation–it’s nothing then it’s something, then before you know it, you’re hooked. Cattski narrates the innocence of the first look and the inevitable fall into something more than a simple liking, as honestly as she always does. “Smitten” didn’t make it to the final cut of that fifth studio album, which boasted some of the best work from the seasoned storyteller, but she proceeded to perform the song in gigs even while she was well way out of that smitten phase.

An easy favorite among those who have heard it live, “Smitten” wins hearts, and captivates new ears like the proverbial crush that’s just “impossible to ignore.”

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October 2016




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