Songs of Summer 2019 officially launched its first leg last Wednesday, April 10, at Ayala Terraces, Cebu.


The evening was filled with music from artists The Vast, J Russ and DT, Mampor and Me, and Vincent Eco.


Handwoven mats and pillows were set out for audiences to sit on and listen to the performing artists. There was chatter and there was laughter, and most importantly there was fun.

We are ecstatic to be celebrating our 5th year with you!


This acoustic punk duo opened the night with a quirky performance that sent the audience in a clapping fit.


J Russ and DT – though normally a soulful duo – collaborated with Dominic Dosdos of Forgetful Bob and Samantha Solidum of Silingan ni Felicity, giving the people a glimpse to a different side of their music.


A new addition to our yearly summer fest, Mampor and Me performed for the first time, showcasing their electronic sound and old-school musicality.


Vincent Eco set the stage on fire with his spirited performance that never fails to bring the audience to their feet. A rather funny highlight from his performance was when he told the audience about how he “started from the butter, now we’re here.”


We are always happy to provide our audience with experiences that last them a lifetime and we are grateful to everyone who made the effort to stop by and support their favorite local acts.

Special thanks to our partners Boysen Beats and Y101 radio.


The evening would not have been possible without so much help from everyone.

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