Nothing like quenching the summer heat with a night of good music at Songs of Summer 2019.

Our second set of artists performed last Wednesday with classic acts Mary Anchit, Lourdes Maglinte, and Intertwined.


We also welcomed the presence of a newcomer to the Songs of Summer line-up.



Oh Caraga! performed for the first time with their band, singing bittersweet songs that put the crowd in awe. This magnetic group came all the way from Mindanao and they represent their heritage clearly in their songs.



A modern day bard, Mary has always had a way with speaking to the human parts of everyone’s hearts. Moving as always, she brought the crowd to a hush as she told tales of love and its misadventures, weaving them into notes that could not only be heard but also felt.



Lourdes brought the crowd to tears with a mellowed down version of her hit single “Empty Sheets.”



The night ended on a funky note with Intertwined playing crowd favorites “Be Mine” and “Love of My Life.”


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