The third leg of Songs of Summer happened last Wednesday, April 24, at Ayala Terraces Cebu. Different from the other nights, the surprisingly cool weather made it perfect for people to spend their time under the starry sky and listen to their favorite artists play their masterpieces.



The event kicked off with an electric performance from the dynamic Route 83, who performed a couple of their new songs for the crowd.



Vincent Eco sings solo for the first time in a while. His wistful lyrics coupled with his soulful voice set a mellow mood for the night.



Bethany played for the first time on the Songs of Summer stage, baring the spirit of rock into the scene. The band was a happy addition to the ever-growing roster of artists.



The event capped off with The Labrats, who opened their set with the Avengers’ movie intro. They also campfire version of their song “The Adventures of Mr. Gib.”



We are always happy to provide our audience with experiences that last them a lifetime and we are grateful to everyone who made the effort to stop by and support their favorite local acts.

Special thanks to our partners Boysen Beats and Y101 radio.


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