As the summer season comes to an end, there’s nothing like taking a nostalgic stroll down the back-roads while listening to some of your favorite homegrown tunes. Celebrating with the people who have been supporting the Songs of Summer gig series so far, we are bringing you more artists bearing more stories for all listening ears.


Here’s what went down last Wednesday!

Nothing like starting the evening with a powerful performance from The Vast. This pop-punk duo had even the youngest of audiences dancing to their song.

Duende’s music is nothing short of otherworldly, with lyrics that depict human flaws and emotions; they enveloped the crowd with their overflowing energy and soul.

Ella Melendez graced the audience with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet truths through her songs.

We ended the night with a smashing performance from Bethany adding just the right shade of punk rock to the evening.


We have loads of other stuff in store for you guys this year!


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