“What Does Your Brand Sound Like?”


When you hear that particular lion roar coming from the TV, you know it’s MGM. When that distinct swoosh comes when you’re finally connected to Skype, you feel relief and comfort. There’s also HBO’s white noise, the startup sound of Windows, and the whistle jingle of Old Spice. All these sounds are synonymous with their brands, and you can immediately tell what they are. There’s an element of comforting familiarity that feels like a warm blanket. These are what you call sound marks.


The next phase in brand marketing is sound. It’s an exciting space that’s waiting to be explored, and one we’re filling. Sonic branding is the auditory equivalent of a brand’s name and visuals. It’s a brand identity you can hear. It’s about how your brand sounds and how it gets recalled and vividly remembered. It’s your brand’s expression through a unique sound.

It takes only 0.146 seconds for a human being to hear and interpret a sound, which ultimately leads to recall and recognition. Sound has the powerful ability to trigger specific emotions and memories. Having your own sonic identity creates an impact for your brand – a distinct sound associated with you alone. You elevate your brand while creating an emotional connection with people.

Custom Music Bed/Musical Scoring Services


Our sonic branding services include sound mark, custom sync to video content or animation, sound design, custom music bed, commercial jingles, and music production. We offer free consultation and expert advice on your sonic path.


From one phase to the next, it’s important for us to align with our client’s brand values for a cohesive output. From pre-production to post-production, every step is collaborative.


Commercial Jingle Services


The power of sound transcends culture and language. Your signature sound is the best way to tell your story.


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