September 14, 2019


Small – that was the word that our very own “Mother Folker” Cattski Espina repeatedly said during her talk at Cebu Design Week. She challenged the audience to rethink what it means to be “small” and explained the 22Tango strategy on “small” shows. 



“It is in small shows where we cultivate true connections with artists… I am not a label for pop stars- 22Tango is a label for artists and an audience that celebrates music”, Cattski further elaborated that it is through these shows that the label sets itself apart by constantly producing these events at rates that the label can afford to multiply. Smaller Shows- less overhead, more intimacy, better stories. 


She then went on to explain the various show formats that 22Tango creates ad hoc and for brands that they work with. The Listening Room, she says is what she is most proud of. 


“TLR is a closed door experience that really pushes the connection forward. Coupled with the SHHH Policy, The Listening Room is our most ambitious one yet. Since it challenges the usual gig practice of moving around, eating and drinking during performances”. 



Always the storyteller- Cattski likened herself (and 22 Tango Records) to a “speck of dust”. Telling the story of how her tita (who isn’t really her tita) once told her not to call herself “small“ but (insert tita voice here) “Claim it from the universe! Think big!”. To which Cattski said, “Tita, I am proud to be small- because I used to be microscopic!”. Going down memory lane, she spoke of how 22Tango has grown from an office in an apartment to finally being the ”small“ record label it is today- recording studio and all. 


“Think of me as a speck of dust, when the wind blows, and it will, I will go straight into your eye and cling to whatever moisture I can. And you’ll keep rubbing and rubbing- you’ll even cry a little. That is how big of an impact I will make on your life!”.


Mother Folker challenges perspectives and to remember that just because you’re small- it does not mean your true impact is. 


Small Shows. Big Change.


Author: Mia Durano