Maximizing streaming features to grow your fanbase and generate more revenue.


The internet has completely altered the way fans encounter and consume music, and artists need new tactics to keep up with the trend.


In response to this growing need for information, Spotify Asia held an Artist Masterclass in A Space, Crossroads last June 20th, inviting multiple local artists and labels.


The master class aimed to reveal best practices and effective strategies for artists and managers to use to build and strengthen their presence on the platform.




A Little History

Spotify was one of the first established streaming platforms in the music industry that offered an enormous selection of content through a simple interface. Unlike its counterparts iTunes and Amazon, Spotify deviated from the typical storefront culture of online streaming platforms by developing robust social tools that enable artists to interact and build relationships with fans and listeners.


Useful Input

The streaming process for fans on Spotify has never been easier! With a simple click of a button people can follow and listen to artists that they like on their feed. There is also a feature that notifies them whenever their favorite artist has a new release.


For musicians, consistent engagement and communication is key in keeping your music alive and generating royalties. The more you interact with your fanbase, the more connected they will feel to you and your music and patronizing you over time.


Sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a whole lot easier, too! Artists and fans alike have the choice to embed tracks to their posts on different social media platforms, helping artists expand their network of listeners. This also generates more royalties every time a person clicks on the link and listens.


Verified artists can also sell merchandise and advertise show dates on their artist page.


Spotify has partnered with BandPage ( to allow artists to post merchandise, and with SongKick ( to allow artist pages to share tour dates.


There are plenty more opportunities for every artist to explore. Maximize your use of Spotify, grow your following, and increase your revenue.



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