We’re still hungover from pride month, so we want to keep things rolling!


We are joining forces with ANTHILL to kick off the Start a Fire Campaign, a celebration of our pride and culture through their heart-woven fabrics and our homegrown music. It’s a global call to ANTHILL’s proud weave wearers to dance and sing along to LOURDES’ song on video while wearing their weaves.



ANTHILL’S lady boss, Anya Lim, shares, “22 Tango Records has been our partner in change since 2013 with shared values that celebrate diversity and equality. Their launch of AMUMA: Homegrown Music Emergency Fund was a humble and vulnerable call for support, and we wanted to help in our own way. Apart from LOURDES also being a Proud Weave Wearer, her song, Start a Fire, had a compelling effect on us as it highlights the power of community, and we wanted to share that.”



The song, Star A Fire, is the result of an inspired co-writing session between LOURDES and Vincent Eco in 2018. It was originally intended to be a duet between the two singer-songwriters, but producer Cattski Espina decided to elevate it to an anthem for homegrown music. Added to the mix were the voices of Kurt Fick, Jacky Chang, Jerika Teodorico, and Kyle Wong of Wonggoys. The anthem’s communal spirit is infectious, and the campaign is an effort to bring that uplifting energy to everyone.



If there was a perfect time for local brands and advocacies to come together, it would be now. We share with ANTHILL the passion for preserving culture and upholding sustainability. By bringing the community together in this fun and purposeful way, we hope to spark positivity during this challenging season. 



To find out how to join the Start a Fire Campaign, visit ANTHILL’s Facebook page at facebook.com/AnthillFabricGallery and Instagram page at instagram.com/anthillfabric/. You may listen to the song on YouTube or Spotify under LOURDES’ debut album, Ruin The Party. 


Spread the love. Join a music video.