A song about celebrating love; Lourdes Maglinte’s single “2 Cents” reaches No. 1 on Y101 radio’s Weekend Top 20! This local radio chart takes 20 of Cebu’s best and most popular tracks as monitored by Y101 Always First!


“I’m very happy and grateful! This is a win for me and my team,” Lourdes Maglinte said when asked about making it to Number 1 in the local chart. “The timing of the song making it to Top 1 during Pride month is just perfect! Huge thanks to 22 Tango Records, to Cattski Espina who produced 2 Cents, and to Y101!”


“2 Cents” highlights the importance of trusting yourself when it comes to love. You can take what other people say into consideration, but ultimately, who you love is your choice and yours alone. 


“Love is love,” Lourdes says. “People will always have opinions about it but never let them and that have power over you. Be Proud of it. Embrace it. Own it.”


Let’s all celebrate love this Pride Month! 


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